Health and Wellbeing

In recognising the voluntary sector as a key partner in developing and delivering the health, social care and well being agenda, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) published Building Strong Bridges (BSB) in October 2002. Its purpose was to provide a strategic direction for shaping and delivering the voluntary sector’s contribution to this agenda, strengthening partnership working between the sector and the NHS, both nationally and locally.

Building Strong Bridges

One of the key recommendations in BSB was the appointment by the County Voluntary Councils (CVC) of a local Health and Social Care Facilitator, initially funded by the Assembly for a 3 year period (2003 to 2006). Following an external evaluation of the posts in 2005, the Assembly agreed to continue funding for a further 3 years, but with the Local Health Board (LHB) contributing 30% of the cost in the final year 2008/9.

Phase 2 of BSB required the local CVC and LHB to produce a Local Action Plan addressing a number of key priorities integrated into a work programme for the Facilitator. The key priority areas are: Commissioning; Chronic Disease Management; Engaging Disadvantaged Groups; Research, Development and Training; Strategic Agenda (including partnership working); Public Health and Well Being and Volunteering for Health & Social Care. These themes link in with the strategy documents Designed for Life and Fulfilled Lives: Supported Communities .

Phase 3 of BSB from 2009 to date has been funded by the new Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board – placing one Health & Social Care Facilitator in each County Voluntary Council Locality in Gwent.

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