Tummler School


..to Connect Torfaen – the online network for community groups and volunteers in Torfaen. 

As part of building this network we are offering you an exciting opportunity to become part of Torfaen ‘Tummler School’ to help us promote and celebrate the network!

Click here now and seize the opportunity to join the Torfaen ‘Tummler School’ 

The good news

Torfaen has some brilliant people, often unsung heroes, who do great things for their community. They don’t just accept the status quo. They take action to create a world they want to see.

But there’s not enough of you and this great new opportunity is being shared with people like you, to be even better at what you do.

You may be one of these people or could suggest someone who fits the description of standing up and taking action.

So are you free for an hour to join other like minded people, across three sessions?

The bad news

There isn’t enough of you. And it’s not just in Torfaen. It’s a global phenomenon, that in virtually every aspect of civic community life; fewer people are doing things together in their communities.

Be part of the solution

Here, in Torfaen, we’re doing something about it. Torfaen Voluntary Alliance & Torfaen County Borough Council and social enterprise experts Grow Social Capital, are coming together to provide you with a remarkable free opportunity to address a problem identified as a ‘social capital’.

There are strengths and real power in people coming together. We can tackle the changing levels of social capital and transform how we do things in Torfaen.

Tummler School

Designed to take up as little time as possible, it’s online and you will meet people just like you. Each with something to share, learn and grow.

Plus, you will gain new skills how to:

  • Transform your social capital
  • Avoid the “volunteer” word
  • And how to do what you do, even better


Along with other community ‘doers’, at ‘Tummler School’ you will enjoy an exclusive preview of new training tools, ideas and thinking. And there’s the special ingredient of people like you, sharing your stories, frustrations and hopes. Learning from, and inspiring each other.

You will come away with a new toolkit, new skills, ways of creating the best supportive mindset and engaging others in what you do, and a more powerful story of you and Torfaen. All working to further grow your confidence, capability and connections.

The ‘Tummler School’ is free.

You will be part of an exclusive group.  You just need to commit to being part of three 60 minute-long online workshops, with the offer of a further 1:1 coaching/mentoring session.

As places are limited, quickly complete the form to give us your details and tell us your preferred time to meet by clicking here.

Even if you are not able to get a place on this first ‘Tummler School’ – everyone who applies will receive a free guide to ‘How to Harness the Power of Social Capital to Change Your World’.

You might be asking what ‘Tummler’ means?

It’s a Yiddish word that describes a person who is hired to literally get a party going. We’ve all been to parties where there is music, a dancefloor, and people – but no one is dancing. The Tummler’s role is to spark the party by encouraging, cajoling, nudging people to act together, leaving when the people themselves are successfully creating their own party.