Participation Standards

In Wales, there are seven National Participation Standards to help organisations and individuals make sure the process, quality and experience of any participation is good for children and young people.

The Participation Standards were originally developed by the Participation Unit. They have now been refreshed by Young Wales and Youth Forum workers, informed by consultations with young people. This work was supported by Welsh Government who identified the role of the Participation Standards in statutory guidance.

The Participation Standards identify the key issues that all workers should be aware of when working with children and young people in Wales. The Task and Finish Participation Standards group reviewed each of the seven standards and ensured that each one reflected the rights based ethos that is integral to working with children and young people.

The Standards are also underpinned by the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. The Act puts involvement of children and
young people, adults and communities at the heart of improving well-being, as well as being one of the five ways of working.

●● The Act’s guidance ‘Shared Purpose: Shared Future’ makes specific references to the National Participation Standards for Children and Young People
●● The Act’s guidance for Public Service Boards sets out the expectation that they will adopt the National Participation Standards in working with their partners, to enable children and young people to have a voice.

Click here to see the Standards Toolkit

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