Making The Connections

Making the Connections is an initiative funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government running in Convergence areas of West Wales and the Valleys. The aim is to strengthen Third Sector input to improve public services for the people of Wales through supporting the Local Service Boards (LSBs) and the Partnerships that sit beneath them and to develop and deliver citizen focused services. In turn this will also support the development of Single Integrated Plans which meet local need.

Making the Connections is supported directly by Welsh Government and the 3rd Sector. One part of the ‘Making the Connections’ project is focused entirely on activity in the Third Sector. Officers are employed in each County Voluntary Council (CVC) in Convergence Areas to take this work forward at a local level. These ‘Making the Connections’ officers will be working closely with the LSB Support Teams (local authority staff), other staff in the CVCs and local Third Sector organisations. The Wales Council for Voluntary Action is supporting this initiative through project management, monitoring and training.

The aims for the ‘Making the Connections’ initiative cover a number of different strands of work:

  • Improve understanding and knowledge of the role of partners (public, private and Third Sector) and the collaborative working between them
  • Support new partnership arrangements for delivery of services, involving partners from the public, private and the Third Sectors
  • Increase the capacity, effectiveness and sustainability of the Third Sector to enable it to take a more active part in the design delivery and delivery of public services
  • Develop better systems and structures to ensure that the ‘Citizen Voice’ is at the heart of public service design and delivery.

If you would like to know more about the Third Sector ‘Making the Connections’ Initiative in Wales please contact Anne on Torfaen Voluntary Alliance.