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In recognising the voluntary sector as a key partner in developing and delivering the health, social care and well-being agenda, the Welsh Assembly Government published Building Strong Bridges in October 2002. Its purpose was to provide a strategic direction for shaping and delivering the Third Sector’s contribution to this agenda, strengthening partnership working between the sector, local authority and the NHS, both nationally and locally. 

After funding the post for a 3-year period an evaluation of the post prompted a further 3-year funding period by Welsh Government.  After this initial funding the Health Board has continued to support the post of Health Social Care & Wellbeing Co-ordinator within the County Voluntary Council. 

The key priority areas are:

Enabling Commissioning;
 Term Condition Management;
Engaging Disadvantaged Groups;
Research, Development and 
 into the Strategic Agenda (including partnership working);
Public Health & Well Being and Volunteering for Health & Social Care.

The Health Social Care & Wellbeing Co-ordinator acts as the conduit for third sector organisations, groups and community members to input into this agenda. 

Pat Powell
Health, Social Care &
Wellbeing Co-ordinator
01495 365619 / 07966 784922