Lloyds Bank Foundation England & Wales

Maximum value:

Objectives of Fund:

Our ambition is to support small and medium-sized charities to recover and renew beyond the immediate crisis. In 2021, we will offer around 190 charities a two-year unrestricted grant of £50,000 which gives charities we partner with greater flexibility over how they use their resources.

Alongside the funding, charities will be supported by a Regional Manager, who will work with them to identify priority development needs and support them to access a wide range of organisation development support to meet those needs.

We recognise that there are many charities out there who would like and would benefit from our support but, like any funder, we have a limit to the money we have available.

In 2021, we will only be able to make around 190 new grants to small charities in England and Wales.

We want to be open and transparent with charities and make the best use of their time spent applying for a grant, by being clear in advance which charities we are more likely to fund at any time.

Our funding process considers local need, the prevalence of eligible small and medium-sized charities in the area, the nature of the region and the balance of our portfolio.

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Deadline for applications is 29 July 2022. We aim to give you a decision within four months