Nominate in the Health Volunteer of the Year category for #TorfaenSaysThanks!

Nomination Time remaining

Nominations now open for 2nd Torfaen Community and Volunteer Awards.


If you’re looking to nominate, we thought we’d take a look at each category and give you some examples of the kind of thing we’re looking for this year!


Health Volunteer of the Year is sponsored by Carlisle Brakes.


This award recognises an individual that has actively contributed to improving the health and wellbeing of others or has supported the promotion and improvement of health and wellbeing in their community.


For example, nominees may have

  • Worked together to help reduce social isolation and improve social connectivity.
  • Identified and challenged health inequalities.
  • Raised awareness of/promoted the importance of supporting mental wellbeing.
  • Run a support group for those affected by mental health
  • Volunteer with a charity that supports people with a disability
  • Support an organisation that advocates for those with a certain illness or condition
  • Volunteer with a day care centre, nursing home or independent living community
  • Provide activities and classes designed to include people with a disability or long term illness
  • Accompany patients to hospital appointments
  • Or take part in any other volunteer activity that advances people’s health or well-being!


So if you know someone who deserves a chance to be recognised for their commitment, dedication and hard work please take a few minutes of your time to nominate at this form:


Nominations close on 31st July 2022, so you still have time.

Look out for more categories that we’ll be taking a closer look at, and other updates as the big day of 21st October 2022 looms!



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