Ukraine Appeal and Directory of Help

The situation unfolding in Ukraine has been heart-breaking to watch. TVA has compiled a list of organisations providing immediate support to the emergency situation where you can make a donation.

Donating Money to the Ukraine Appeal

Donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal. The UK Government matched, pound-for-pound, £25 million of public donations to this appeal. Home | Disasters Emergency Committee (

The Red Cross Ukraine Appeal Ukraine Crisis Appeal | British Red Cross

UNICEF Ukraine Appeal Ukraine crisis: donate now to protect children – Unicef UK

UNHCR Ukraine Appeal Ukraine emergency | UK for UNHCR (

HSBC Ukraine Appeal Ukraine appeal – HSBC UK

Save The Children Ukrainian Appeal Our work in Ukraine | Save the Children UK

Christian Aid Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – Christian Aid

Salvation Army Ukrainian Appeal Homepage | The Salvation Army

Shelterbox Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine Crisis Urgent Appeal – ShelterBox

Refugee Support Group Ukrainian Appeal Refugee Support Group – Ukraine AppealRefugee Support Group (

CAFOD Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | CAFOD

UK MED Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine Appeal – UK-Med

John Lewis Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine Crisis Appeal | John Lewis & Partners

Emmaus Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine appeal – Emmaus UK

Age International Ukrainian Appeal Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Age International

Other Ukrainian Appeals

1. If you want to support Ukrainian hospitals during the crisis, head to Support Hospital. This charity provides “trauma-related equipment and surgical tools,” along with other necessities. Make a donation via their website.

2. Polish charities. Here are some of the charities that will use the donations for feeding, housing, and helping refugees: Polish Humanitarian Action, the Polish Association for Legal Intervention,  Polish Center for International AidHIAS, and R2P.

3. The Ukrainian military. Ukraine has also asked for donations to be made directly to the Ukrainian military, and to those providing medical assistance on the ground such as Médecins Sans Frontières or the Ukrainian Red Cross.

4.  Sunflower for Peace offers medical assistance and prepares first aid medical backpacks for paramedics and doctors on the frontlines.

5. Choose Love Donations through Choose Love will provide emergency food, shelter, clothing, legal support, support for people in the LGBTQIA+ community or with mental health problems.

6. Voices of Children. Donating to this charity provides support to Ukrainian children affected by the war.

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