#FriendsCanTell campaign

The Friends Can Tell campaign has been launched to raise awareness of abusive and toxic relationships among young people.

The campaign is part of the Your Best Friend project, and aims to de-normalise controlling behaviours that hundreds of young people said are so common in their social circles that they are considered normal.

The campaign encourages young people to recognise the signs of abuse in the relationships of their friends, and offers support and guidance of how to approach the subject. For example, they can be empowered to tell their friend ‘that’s not OK’, or tell a professional in order to get their friend the support they need.

The campaign launched on Instagram and will be followed by a TikTok series, films, podcasts and a national poster campaign throughout 2022, all under the hashtag #FriendsCanTell.

For support or more information regarding the Friends Can Tell campaign, click here.