Young Enterprise Wales – Volunteer Business Advisor Opportunity

Young Enterprise (YE) – an organisation dedicated to providing the best business education in schools, colleges and universities in the region of mid and south Wales – are running one of their most successful flagship programmes of the last 60+ years, Company Programme, yet again for the year 2022, and they need your help.

Young Enterprise are looking for new Business Advisors to support young people to set up and run a student company whilst helping them to develop key transferable skills. This opportunity need not be restricted to business owners or senior managers –  it is a great opportunity for employees with development potential, apprentices and even retirees! YE welcomes advisers from all professions, including those in the public and voluntary sectors.

This role is a great way for you to gain experience working with young people, as well as contributing to your own personal and professional development.

As a Business Advisor for Young Enterprise, you would be responsible for:

· Facilitating an experiential learning opportunity

· Providing advice and guidance on setting up and running a student company

· Regularly attending weekly board meetings (face-to-face or remotely)

· Ensuring students operate within the necessary legal parameters

· Supporting students to follow sensible financial management practices

· Supporting students to prepare for key events such as local sales events and competitions

· Supporting students to reflect on the skills they are developing.

If you are interested in becoming a Business Volunteer please contact your local YE representative to get involved. You can find out more about how to get involved on their website: Young Enterprise website