Word From The Third celebrates anniversary

The Word From The Third is the podcast dedicated to Torfaen

The #WordFromTheThird is where TVA features different organisations within Torfaen and giving them a chance to highlight any work or projects.

It helps organisations reach a wider audience as well as helping people and other groups understand what kind of work you.

Patrick Downes, Producer of the Word From The Third for TVA said;

This is a terrific opportunity for any group or organisation in Torfaen to get their message out in a different way. Last year alone, 15.6 million people in the UK listened to a podcast

The WordFromTheThird has just celebrated it’s first anniversary and in that time has covered many different organisations and explaining more about the work they do. It’s also the only regular podcast from any Welsh CVC!

We’ve heard what Pickleball is, spoken about the Census, as well as hearing from Communities for Work Plus and Sight Cymru

We’re looking now to develop things further and invite more organisations to join the conversation and get their message out on this brilliant platform.

I’m looking forward to the next series that will include us talking with Sue Malsom from Trac2, CoStar, Papyrus, and Pontnewydd Male Choir – there’s a whole lot of community still to be talked about

If you’re organisation or group would like to be part of TVA’s podcast, then please contact them at www.tvawales.org.uk/.

You can also listen to previous episodes by searching for Word From The Third Torfaen on every major podcasting platform. Plus, if you have a Google or Amazon smart speaker, you’ll be able to say “[DEVICE] play the Word from The Third Torfaen podcast”, or click https://podfollow.com/1532209097.

If you’re a local community group, voluntary organisation, sports club or community venue based in Torfaen, TVA can help with supporting volunteers, your governance, accessing funding opportunities, and online support. Contact us at www.tvawales.org.uk or on social media, search @TVAWales.

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