It’s National Safeguarding Week

Safeguarding Week is an annual, national campaign focusing on a wide range of safeguarding issues affecting our communities in Wales – in 2021, it runs from 15th – 19th November.

Each of the Regional Safeguarding Boards co-ordinate a programme of educational and awareness raising activities and events, aimed at the public and professionals.

Each region decides on a different theme, giving that Safeguarding Board and its partners and agencies within the region the flexibility to arrange events and activities on safeguarding issues pertinent to the services they provide, their service users and their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Gwent Safeguarding Board have chosen the theme of ‘Lessons Learned’ for National Safeguarding Week 2021. Research demonstrates that a culture of habitual learning is critical to improving outcomes for the people they work with.  As a Board, they have chosen this theme as they believe that by adopting an ethos of continuous organisational and individual learning they will help to foster a culture in which safeguarding practices and processes are regularly reviewed and improved upon, thus ensuring Gwent is committed to delivering safe, effective, and compassionate services for its citizens.

Further information on all the events can be found here



You can find out more on the theme for each Safeguarding Boards, along with a list of the events and activities that will be taking place in the different regions by clicking here.


A single consistent safeguarding training module has been launched for public and voluntary sector staff across Wales.

Group A Safeguarding Training Module

Completing the new training module will enable everyone to:

  • explain the term ‘safeguarding’
  • recognise abuse or the risk of abuse, harm or neglect
  • know what actions to take if they witness or suspect abuse, harm or neglect, or if someone tells them they are being abused
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of the laws concerning safeguarding
  • recognise that they have a duty to report abuse, harm or neglect.

This module contains 13 sections and includes scenario questions to help users build a practical understanding of safeguarding and what action to take if they think someone may be at risk.

The training module has been developed by Social Care Wales in line with the Wales Safeguarding Procedures, which launched in 2019. The procedures detail the essential roles and responsibilities for practitioners to ensure that they safeguard children and adults who are at risk of abuse and neglect.

The procedures were designed to standardise practice across all of Wales and the training module has been developed with the same intention. The module is for Group A training (equivalent to Level 1 Health).

Safeguarding training is mandatory for all staff working in the public sector in Wales and many working in the voluntary sector. To ensure the e-module is relevant to all staff, it has been developed in close collaboration with statutory and voluntary organisations.

The module is fully accessible. It is compatible with screen readers for those with visual impairments, uses Text Help Read and Write to help dyslexic users focus on key pieces of information, and can be navigated using the tab keys by users with mobility issues.



“The National Independent Safeguarding Board  are very happy to endorse the Wales Safeguarding Procedures training module as a high-quality product. The training strikes the right tone and we very much liked the scenarios. There is an appropriate balance between different groups in the population – adults and children, among other diverse dimensions. Well done.” – National Independent Safeguarding Board

“I really enjoyed the course and found it interesting and as interactive as possible with such a subject.” – A local authority training and development officer

“This is a great resource.” – Fire service safeguarding lead

“Generally, I really liked the flow and pace of the content for this level, and I really liked the scenarios and what they add in terms of allowing people to think the process through. The key messages are kept simple and come across well. Graphics are good etc. So, on the whole, really like the module for this particular target audience.” – A regional safeguarding board lead

 “I like the format and language, it’s clear and easy to follow. Generally very good with good real life scenarios” – A regional safeguarding board lead

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By Patrick Downes

Comms Lead - Third Sector Development TVA