Welsh Charities Week 2021

WCVA will host their first ever Welsh Charities Week!

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) will host their first ever Welsh Charities Week between 15th and 19th November 2021.

The aim of the week is to celebrate and shine a light on the amazing work of charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and volunteers across Wales. Organised by WCVA, Welsh Charities Week is supported by ITV Cymru Wales.

Get involved!

Whether you work or volunteer with a charitable organisation or you just want to big up a charity that you
love, there are plenty of ways to get involved in Welsh Charities Week. For example, you could give a shout out to a Welsh charity or voluntary group on social media! There will be a theme each day:

  • Monday 15th November 2021 – Tell us about a time a charity or volunteer helped you or even changed your life. Share your story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #gratitude
  • Tuesday 16th November 2021 – Tell us about the people you’ve met through working with, volunteering for or supporting charities. Share your story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #connections and remember to tag the people you met!
  • Wednesday 17th November 2021 – Tell us about a proud moment you’ve had while volunteering or working with a charity. Share you story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #TheBest
  • Thursday 18th November 2021 – Make us laugh or smile and tell us a funny or heart warming thing that happened to you while involved with a charity or voluntary organisation. Share your story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #MakeUsSmile
  • Friday 19th November 2021 – Tell us in your own words why charities deserve our support all year round. Share your thoughts using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #NotJustAWeek

There are so many other ways you could get involved! You could donate, take part in the ‘Whose Coat is that Jacket?’ challenge or sign up to become a volunteer! Check out the campaign pack for more ideas, suggested social media posts and a range of graphics to use throughout the week.

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By Patrick Downes

Comms Lead - Third Sector Development TVA