Have you heard of the Gwent Police Herbert Protocol?

Are you currently supporting a vulnerable person in your family, neighbours, workplace with Dementia, Alzheimer’s or with limited mental capacity? Have you heard of the Gwent Police Herbert Protocol?

The Herbert Protocol is a risk reduction tool to be used in the event of an adult with one of these conditions goes missing. It is named after George Herbert a War Veteran of the Normandy Landings who suffered with dementia. George sadly died when he went ‘missing’ on his way to his childhood home.

How to register? It is a simple form 📄 which contains vital information about a person that can be added to our police systems with a recent photograph 📸. This will allow officers to have at hand important information, hopefully saving precious time in finding the missing person.

The person does not have to have wandered previously to complete a form, if you believe them to be at risk please contact 📧:

crimeprevention@gwent.pnn.police.uk to request a form.

By Patrick Downes

Comms Lead - Third Sector Development TVA