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We want to put a spotlight on some of the amazing organisations here in Torfaen. If you’re one and want to be featured, please get in touch.

Name of organisation: All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities

Where are you based: Cardiff

What areas do you cover:  Wales

What services do you offer: We are an umbrella organisation where family carers of people with learning disabilities work together both on local and national levels seeking to ensure that families are at the heart of planning and consultation.

What differences are you making in the community: Over the last 30 years, families have challenged the Welsh Government and have been part of the movement that led from institutionalisation to supported living, from respite miles away to respite close to home, from social isolation to community inclusion. At a policy level, we ensure that the voices of family carers of people with learning disabilities are heard and at a community level we are working in co-production with family carers and professionals to create future services that truly make a difference in our families lives.

What’s your latest news: In August we will be holding another series of online meetings for the Caring Communities of Change project at 13:30, the:

2 August – Direct Independence

3 August – Staycation

4 August – The Respitality Model in Wales

5 August – Community Tourism to access short breaks for Carers

and in October we are hoping to be seeing people face-to-face, with a digital option, to celebrate our 30 years of the Forum

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your organisation: The ‘Caring Communities of Change’ project, will and has, as the name suggests, created a sense of community amongst the group of people who are co-producing. And we are seeing that sense of community grow with every meeting, even if we haven’t been able to see each other face-to-face.

If you could make one wish for your organisation: That it continues to be a voice for the family carers of people with learning disabilities

How can people get involved: People who are interested in co-producing, accessing or developing services for families of people with learning disabilities are invited to get in touch at

There are many ways of getting involved at different degrees of commitment and involvement. We are very aware that many in the room wear a couple of hats and we want the community to work for everyone’s availability.

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