Lloyds Bank Foundation – Funding deadline looming


Although LBF have a rolling programme open, charities need to apply by 10th September 2021 so we can guarantee them a decision this calendar year if they need one.  Applications can come in after this, but they will go to our panels in 2022.

 A reminder on our eligibility:

  • 2 year, unrestricted grants of £50k for charities with a turnover between £25k-£1m (other legal structures e.g. CICs are not eligible)
  • There are 11 Complex Social Issues in total and our website has more info on the definition of each Complex Social Issue
  • The majority of the charity’s work must fit within the Complex Social Issue they apply under (note: we have relaxed this for Care Leavers, Young Parents, Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery and Offending, Prison or Community Services Complex Social Issues only)
  • The charity must demonstrate its work that fits with the complex Social Issue is in depth, targeted, holistic and person centred, and that the people it supports go on a clear journey of change

In Wales, most of our Complex Social Issues are open in most or all Local Authority areas. You can easily check this by clicking on the Complex Social Issue first and then entering your LA area.

We also have a Racial Equity strand, which is open across Wales for charities led by people from Black, Asian or minority ethnic communities. Some of the work of the charity must still fit within one or more of our Complex Social Issues, but it does not have to be the majority of the charity’s work.

It is a rolling programme with panels meeting every month to consider applications in 2021 and 2022
We recorded a webinar explaining the funding and our eligibility criteria (as it is not for everyone) when the programme launched in March. This can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dWeGuWezIA

Rachel Marshall is the Grant Manager for Wales.  Please contact her if you have pre-application questions.

 Lots more information available here: https://www.lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk/we-fund

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