COVID19: TVA and Torfaen Council supporting local organisations

Are you a group providing support for your local community? Do you need extra hands to deliver services in this difficult time or support sustaining your organisation?

During this time, you’re likely to be experiencing staff and volunteer absences or/and increased demand of services and need.

We can offer support in building a strong network to ensure that you are supported, and the amazing services can continue to be offered throughout the communities now and in the future.

If you need support or know of others in need, we will do our best to provide someone to help!

Contact Victoria on 07834 585935 or

Advertise your services and recruit volunteers
Sign onto Volunteering Wales Torfaen

The site is designed to give you as an organisation the chance to promote your opportunities and directly contact anyone who is interested in volunteering


Patrick Downes

Third Sector Development Officer – IT Lead based in Pontypool

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