Consultation: CareSense – Call for Survey Participants

CareSense is a research project that looks at the development of secure digital platform to help better provide, manage and monitor social care delivered by the council. The project is funded by Torfaen County Borough Council and run by a technology company – NQMCare Ltd.

The project aims to help people with care needs to achieve independent, comfortable living at their home for longer. It also aims to provide more efficient care services with less administration cost. It combines data from a number of sources to allow people receiving care to see information that is relevant to them and share it with those that provide that care so that efficiencies made, and decisions regarding both short term and long term plans are based on the right set of information.

Consent, Privacy and Security

Who will see my data?

CareSense uses a system of person centric data ownership. That means that the person receiving care is the “owner” of all the data in the system. The technology then lets them share parts of it with whoever they choose. For example, they may want a family member to have access (or help them manage their account), or a care agency, or their local GP or social worker. Only those people or organisations who are granted access by the owner will be able to see the information.

Will my data be secure?

NQMCare specialise in secure data sharing and the system uses state of the art technology, like that used by banks to keep the data secure.

Will my data be private?

Yes. The data will not be shared with any other organisations for marketing or similar reason.

Does the system exist yet?

The system is in development and we are seeking views from lots of stakeholders to build a useful system.

If you receive support to live at home, are a family member, work in a volunteer organisation, or have a general interest in care provision we would love to hear your views on the system so that it can be developed to meet your needs. If you are willing to take part in a short online survey, a phone call, face to face meeting or take part in a workshop please get in touch.

Hannah Dalton – 07986 563377

Follow the link:  Caresense


Patrick Downes

Third Sector Development Officer – IT Lead based in Pontypool

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