Winter 2019/20 Arts Programme @ Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre

Measured Making

The #150mm Challenge

30th November 2019 – 18th January 2020

The #150mm Challenge is a celebration of process, material, creativity and ingenuity in forged metal. It began when Hereford College of Arts lecturer Ambrose Burne set his students a ‘warm-up’ exercise, one that he regularly sets himself, to create something interesting out of a small rectangular piece of steel, 150mm x 20 mm square. The students had three weeks to design and make something using only the specified quantity of material

The challenge went on to catch the interest of blacksmiths around the world and Measured Making features 240 artworks from 19 countries. The artworks varied from playful figurative models to functional tools and abstract sculptures, demonstrating a diverse, creative and technical exploration of form and concept, made in response to the challenge.

The #150mm Challenge continues to connect an international community of blacksmiths, revealing a rich diversity of practice and discourse.

The Doll’s House

A contemporary collection of dolls, figures, puppets and playthings

Artists and makers who have a love of storytelling, character and history have created thought provoking figures and animals which encapsulate and play out our ideas, dreams and fantasies. Each character tells a story – dolls created from vivid imaginations, avid reading and childhood dreams but also reflecting our inner selves. This playful exhibition turns the gallery into The Doll’s House to display an eclectic and diverse  collection of work using traditional techniques and crafts.

Alix Swan, Cat in the shoe, Laura Mabbutt, Masami Akatsuka, Melanie Miller, Rachel Larkin, Samantha Bryan, Sarah Young, Treefall Design

Lynda Shell Textiles

Craft Showcase

Lynda Shell is a textile designer who makes a selection of handmade bags using a combination of high quality durable fabrics such as leather, linen & wool. Lynda draws inspiration for her patterns from historical artefacts. She photographs interesting abstract details and textures and develop them into contemporary designs through a process of computer manipulation. The designs are then silkscreen printed onto fabric and combined with a beautifully soft leather to add textural interest and durability.

Ann Bruford

Jewellery Showcase

Ann Bruford lives and works in the Otter Valley in East Devon as an artist jeweller working with both precious and non-precious materials.  Her practice focuses on a considered design process, together with laborious hand fabrication and finishing techniques. Ann’s pieces explore the passage of Time with the associated erosion and corrosion, resulting in sculpted forms with textures and patinas layered one upon the other. As the wearer interacts with a piece, constant handling it, they will over time imprint their own personality on the surface and enhance the water worn finish that Ann aims for.

Sian Phillips Botanical Illustration 

Oriel Cafe Gallery

Sian was born in Pontypool and from an early age wanted to be an art teacher.  In 1981 she was awarded a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Newport Art College and went on to fulfil her ambition.

In 2014, after retiring from teaching art at secondary school, Sian joined the Botanical Illustration Course at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre.  The Course, run by Botanical Illustrator Debbie Devauden, provided the opportunity to combine the study of Botany through Art and it immediately sparked her enthusiasm. 

Sian’s paintings and drawings are mainly of specimens that she either grows or  sources locally and she uses watercolour, coloured pencil and graphite in her studies.. 

Sian have exhibited my work in Nature in Art, Gloucestershire, the Albany Gallery and the Victoria Fern Gallery in Cardiff. 


Patrick Downes

Third Sector Development Officer – IT Lead based in Pontypool

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