Patient Experience in Wales Survey

Richard Newton Consulting is delivering a programme of work on behalf of the Royal College of Nursing, in relation to patient experiences in Wales in relation to the Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Act 2016. 

The 2016 act which will protect patients for example by reducing the length of in-patient stays through reducing trips, slips and falls; reducing infection and sores; and reducing mortality. 

More information can be found on the Royal College of Nursing website.

The Royal College of nursing are running a campaign about Safe Staffing which means having enough nursing staff with the right skills and knowledge, in the right place, at the right time. Without safe staffing levels in place, nursing staff are struggling to provide patients with the safe and effective care they would like to, and which patients deserve.

The RCN are calling for safe and effective care to be enshrined in law in each UK country.

As part of this campaign they are assessing the impact of the 2016 law.

We want to reach out to people who have been in-patients and learn about their experiences and views.

This would be through a confidential patient experience survey and patient forums next week – one in north and one in south Wales – on the 20th and 22nd November.

More information – including links to the survey and the patient experience forums – can be found at


Patrick Downes

Third Sector Development Officer – IT Lead based in Pontypool

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