Want to receive an Accolade?

The Accolades are back and they’re now accepting entries and nominations!

The Accolades are awards that recognise, celebrate and share excellent work by organisations, groups or teams in social care, early years and childcare.

They are looking for applications from every area – the voluntary, private or statutory sectors. The care and support they provide can be residential or community-based, large or small and they can be working with children or adults.

For the 2020 Accolades they’ve streamlined our application forms making it even easier to apply. Also, people can submit a short video instead of completing an entry form.

As well as changing the forms, they have introduced the WeCare Wales award.

The WeCare Wales award celebrates individual care workers in Wales who have a positive impact on people’s lives.

They could work in the public, voluntary or statutory sectors, they could work with adults, children or families.

The difference between the WeCare Wales award and the Accolades is that they’re asking for nominations for the WeCare Wales award and the winner will be decided by a public vote.

Anybody can nominate a care worker, so it’s really important to let as many people as possible know about it.

Sometimes people don’t realise how impressive their work is, so if you know a project that’s eligible – no matter how big or small – please share this information on to them and encourage them to enter.



Patrick Downes

Third Sector Development Officer – IT Lead based in Pontypool

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