Torfaen Youth Led Grant

Torfaen Youth Grant aim to support a range of small volunteering projects and activities, led and carried out by young people, with applications selected and recommended by a panel of young people aged 14-25.

Last year the Youth Grants Panel funded five youth led projects in Torfaen:

Blaenavon PACT Youth Panel used the money to decorate the Doorway Youth information centre, whilst helping upskill youth with practical skills.

Torfaen Changing Minds used the money to help run peer support groups for young people with mental health Issues.

Tofaen Young People’s Forum used the grant money to promote the Youth forum work with leaflets and flyers and to help with recruitment.

Torfaen Travelling Young Enterprise used the grant money to help continue to run the Torfaen Travelling Young Enterprise and for craft items to help the project raise funds for local charities and to help support events run at Shepherds Hill Travelling Site.

 To find out more on how to get involved with the Torfaen Youth Grants Panel or how to apply for the next Grants, please contact or 01495 742420


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