Arts Council of Wales Publishes 2017/18 Deadlines for Large Grants for Organisations

Arts Council of Wales Publishes 2017/18 Deadlines for Large Grants for Organisations

The Arts Council of Wales has published the 2017/18 deadlines for applications to its Large Grants for Organisations programme.

The Arts Council of Wales offers Large Grants for Organisations to provide targeted support for arts organisations based and primarily working in Wales. The aim of the funding is to enable organisations to fulfil their artistic potential and offer creative experiences of the highest possible quality.

A wide range of not-for-profit organisations can apply for grants of between £5,001 and £30,000 to support larger scale arts projects, or make a contribution to a very large project with several other funding partners. Match funding of at least 25% is required and this should be from a non-Arts Council of Wales source.

The funding programme is designed to achieve the following objective as set out by the Inspire Strategy for Creativity and the Arts in Wales:

  • To encourage more people in Wales to choose to engage with the arts.
  • To make innovative and imaginative use of digital technologies.
  • To develop the creativity of children and young people.
  • To look at how the arts and culture of Wales connect internationally.
  • To embed the principles of sustainable development into creative and business practices.

There are three over-arching priorities:

  • High-quality projects delivered in acknowledged deprived communities, especially those areas that have traditionally received lower levels of grant.
  • High-quality projects that promote the work of artists from under-represented groups, including disabled people and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.
  • High-quality projects delivered in Welsh or bilingually.

Organisations who are making their first application to the Arts Council of Wales must first apply for a Small Grant so Arts Council of Wales can build up its knowledge of their work and that they can manage the funding effectively.

The 2017/18 deadlines for applications are: 10 May 2017; 16 August 2017; 11 October 2017; and 17 January 2018.


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