Community Facilities Programme (Wales)

Community Facilities Programme (Wales)

Description – Grants are available for community-led voluntary and community sector organisations to develop and improve community facilities in Wales in order to tackle poverty and its effects.

Current Status – Open for Applications

Maximum value: – £ 500,000

Objectives of Fund – The aim of the Programme is to develop and improve facilities for communities in order to tackle poverty and its effects.

Value Notes – Grants of up to £500,000 are available. Applications for under £10,000 will not usually be considered.

Match Funding Restrictions – Applications for 100% funding will only be considered in exceptional circumstances where projects can demonstrate that funding was not available elsewhere. Match funding can be in cash or in kind.

 Who Can Apply

Applications should be community led. The main applicant must be a community or voluntary sector organisation.

Applications must also include public, private or third sector partners.

Applications will need to provide evidence that the project has strategic importance to tackling poverty in the community by identifying at least one key partner such as:

  • A local authority,
  • Welsh Government tackling poverty programme (such as Communities First, Flying Start or Families First).
  • A local health board.

Other eligible partners can include credit unions, a local business such as a post office or local shop, town or community council.

The main applicant/lead organisation must be able to provide evidence that they:

  • Are an organisation which has a constitution or set of rules, dated and signed as adopted by the Chair, or other senior office holder on behalf of the Board or Trustees
  • Have a management committee or Board with at least three unrelated members.
  • Are an organisation which has a bank account, in its own name, which requires at least two unrelated signatories
  • Are an organisation which can provide evidence to show that any profit distribution is minimal, i.e. restricted to the return of capital invested with minimal interest.

Applicants with more than £150,000 in unrestricted reserves must also provide information on the organisation’s reserves policy. This should include whether any of these funds are being invested in the project and if not, the reason why not.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate that the lead organisation has the legal right to carry out the proposed works. If the lead organisation is not the owner of the land or building, then applications must include evidence of a long term lease (with at least 10 years to run) at an affordable rent. Applicants will also need the written consent of the landlord giving permission to carry out the proposed works.

 Eligible Expenditure

Grants are available for capital works to provide or improve community facilities which are preventing or tackling poverty by offering at least one of the following activities/services:

  • Providing, safeguarding or re-introducing a valuable community service such as access to a credit union, post office, library, last shop in the area.
  • Hosting skills based or other training which leads to a recognised qualification, work placements or volunteering opportunities which improve the job prospects of individuals.
  • Hosting local health services such as over 50s health checks, exercise or healthy living activities including activities aimed at older people.
  • Providing community IT access, broadband access and/or IT training to aid digital inclusion.
  • Hosting a food-bank, food co-operative, access to advice services or other activity which prevents or seeks to mitigate the effects of poverty.
  • Hosting activities delivered through a Welsh Government tackling poverty programme such as Communities First, Flying Start or Families First.
  • Encouraging the co-location of local groups and service providers to improve the overall sustainability of the facility for the benefit of the community.
  • Making the most of available funding by avoiding the duplication of services and working with other local partners in the community, public and private sectors to improve the life chances of local people.

Applications must be able to demonstrate that the facility to be improved is of strategic importance to tackling poverty in the local community and can evidence that it is:

  • Needed and used by the community and is or will be offering services not duplicated in the surrounding area.
  • Providing services or hosting activities which prevent or mitigate poverty and its effects.
  • Reintroducing or preventing the loss of vital community services.
  • Supported by and developed with the involvement of the local community.
  • Supported by the local authority, local County Voluntary Council (CVC), Local Health Board or similar key partner.
  • Sustainable over the medium to long term.

Organisations will be expected to actively promote the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights.

How To Apply – Applications can be submitted at any time.

The application process has two stages: an Expression of Interest stage and a Full Application stage.

The Expression of Interest stage consists of a short application which will be used to assess eligibility and fit to the scheme criteria. Applicants will get a response to Stage One within 20 working days.

The Full Application stage requires the submission of a business plan which can be developed over a period of six months.

To find out what other funding is available in your area please visit TVA’s Funding Portal by clicking here

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