Community Foundation in Wales – Grants

Community Foundation Network

Grants for projects in all sectors of the local community. Each foundation has its own character appropriate to the location and grants may be made to a wide range of activities including: health; children and young people; arts and culture; the environment; services.

Current Status – Open for Applications

Maximum value: – Discretionary

The broad purpose of Community Foundations is to promote and support local charitable and community activity.  This is through managing donor funds, building endowments and making grants to charities and community groups.  Community Foundations are created by and for local people.

Value Notes

The Community Foundation Network comprises members (established community foundations) and associates (aspiring community foundations).  All members and many associates run grant programmes.  Each Community Foundation has its own grant-making policy and may administer funds on behalf of other agencies.  Levels of grant assistance, therefore, vary greatly.

Who Can Apply

Local voluntary, community and charitable groups may apply whilst some community foundations have funds for individuals.  Each has its own grant-making policy, criteria and timescales.

Applications from national charities may be accepted if the proposed project is firmly rooted in the local area.


Each community foundation is specific to its region and the categories of support vary, although there tend to be some factors in common in the definition of what they do not expect to support.  They are unlikely, for example, to donate to major capital appeals or to consider standard appeal letters.  Most would rule out projects and services with an exclusively religious purpose.  They also refuse to support any work with a party political content.

Potential applicants are advised to contact the sponsor directly for further information.

Eligible Expenditure

All Community Foundation Network members subscribe to common interests and share a vision about community-based philanthropy.  Community Foundations can meet all areas of community need, for example:

  • Arts and culture.
  • Education.
  • Environment.
  • Health.
  • Community development.
  • Children and young people.
  • Older people.
  • Employment and training.

Within this broad framework, there is variation between Foundations.  Some have criteria with a focus on social need and opportunity, while others have more specific themes.

How To Apply

Each Community Foundation has its own grant-making timetables, and the various funds administered by the Community Foundations often have different application deadlines.

To find out what other funding is available in your area please visit TVA’s Funding Portal by clicking here


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