Cordis Bright Voluntary Sector Questionnaire

Do you work in a voluntary sector organisation whose work supports young people aged 14-18 to engage or remain engaged in education, training and employment?

Cordis Bright are asking you to share information about your organisation with them.

Please complete an online questionnaire at:

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 5pm on Sunday 17 July 2016.

Why is Cordis Bright collating information about voluntary sector organisations?

The Welsh Government has commissioned Cordis Bright to undertake a national mapping exercise to gather information about voluntary sector provision that can support young people aged 14-18 to engage or remain engaged with education, training and employment (ETE). The aims of the mapping exercise are to:

  • Raise the profile of voluntary sector organisations working in this field.
  • Enhance the local provision maps used by lead workers who support young people who are not in school or further education, employment or training (NEET) or who are at risk of disengaging from school or becoming NEET.
  • Encourage closer partnership working between the voluntary and public sectors.
  • Support delivery of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework to ensure that young people are supported to engage and progress within ETE.

What are the benefits to my organisation of participating in the mapping exercise?

By participating in the mapping exercise, you can:

  • Increase awareness of your organisation amongst professionals working with young people.
  • Ensure that these professionals have accurate information about why and how to refer young people to your programmes/projects.
  • Support improved information sharing and partnership working for the benefit of young people.
  • Contribute to a more complete picture of voluntary sector provision to support young people aged 14-18 to engage and progress within ETE.

How will Cordis Bright collate and share the information?

The information you provide will be included in a map of voluntary sector provision. At the end of the mapping exercise, each local authority area will be provided with a map of voluntary sector provision operating in their area.

The maps are unlikely to include all voluntary sector organisations operating in the area, but will include all organisations which have returned a completed information template to Cordis Bright. It is intended as a starting point, which can be reviewed and developed over time by those working in each local authority area.

Further information

Please only complete this template if you are a voluntary sector organisation. Private companies and local authority provision will not be included in the maps.

Support for young people aged 14-18 to engage, or remain engaged in, ETE can include:

  • Services/programmes directly offering ETE opportunities to young people.
  • Services/programmes building young people’s soft skills to enable them to engage/remain engaged with ETE opportunities or offering additional support to enable them to engage (e.g. mentoring).
  • Services/programmes supporting a young person to address other issues which might be negatively impacting on their ability to engage with ETE (e.g. mental health services, housing, family support services, substance misuse services).

If you work for an organisation that delivers more than one distinct programme/project, please complete a separate template for each programme/project. Distinct programmes/projects might include those with different target audiences, eligibility criteria, referral processes, delivery methods and/or intended outcomes.

If you would like to discuss the mapping exercise or need advice on completing the template, please contact Hannah Nickson on or 020 7330 9170.

Thank you for your participation

Many thanks in advance for your time in completing the questionnaire. Your participation is very important in ensuring that the mapping exercise is successful. Please distribute and share this post through your networks.

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