Welsh Rugby Union Youth Board Members Wanted

The Welsh Rugby Union is forming a new Youth Board with a brief to help keep more young people involved in the game during their late teenage years and beyond. The first task of the fifteen strong Board will be to analyse and consider the issues which lead to a number of youngsters drifting away from the sport between the ages of 16 and 21.

Board members will have a remit to take evidence from players, coaches, volunteers and administrators within the game as well as from people who are currently not engaged in rugby. They will be asked to consider what motivates young people to stay involved with rugby and offer views on how best to communicate with young people through social media and new trends in digital technology.

The Youth Board should represent a broad spectrum of society and will be chaired by the new Group Chief Executive of the WRU, Martyn Phillips, who believes the opinions of young people should be available to the decision makers within the governing body.

Successful applicants will be expected to be involved for at least two years and will have access to a range of benefits, experience and opportunities throughout the WRU Group to add to their employment CV’s for the future.

Board members over the course of their tenure will have a wide agenda for consideration and will receive expert advice from within Welsh rugby, including international National Dual Contract players, international coaches and backroom staff.

A shortlist of 45 candidates will be selected for an assessment day in early December.

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