South East Wales Safeguarding Board Training Events


Please find below links to current South East Wales Safeguarding Board Training Events. Child Protection Planning - The aim of this training is to promote good practice and enhance working together across agencies in the child protection process. Keeping the Baby in Mind - Infant Mental Health - The aim of this training is to raise awareness of what promotes positive infant mental health Recognition, Referral and the Child Protection Process - The aims of this training is :-
  • To develop practitioner’s knowledge of the child protection process from referral to child protection conference;
  • To promote effective communication within and across agencies
  • To ensure that practitioners understand their safeguarding roles and responsibilities
Responding to Concerns or Allegations of Abuse Made Against Adults Who Work with Children and Young People - Learning Outcomes:
  • Increased knowledge of the procedural guidance within part 4 AWCPP 2008
  • Demonstrate an understanding of roles and responsibilities within a multi agency context
  • Increased confidence in managing allegations against professionals and attending Professional Strategy Meetings

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