Torfaen Youth Grant

Torfaen Youth Grant aim to support a range of small volunteering projects and activities, led and carried out by young people, with applications selected and recommended by a panel of young people aged 14-25. The GwirVol Youth Led Grants scheme aims to prioritise delivery of volunteering opportunities with and for a diverse range of young people (aged 14-25) and particularly:
  • Young people from disadvantaged communities: Communities First areas and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.
  • Young people with physical or learning disabilities.
Requests for up to a maximum of £1000 will be considered. Closing date for applications is Friday 4th September 2015. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For more information contact Kyle Thomas on 01495 742475 or email Application form can be downloaded here(word format) and here(pdf format) gwirvol-black-and-white-logo2

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