Police and Crime Commissioner – Voluntary Sector Development Officer

Police and Crime Commissioner – Voluntary Sector Development Officer

JanineMEET the new Voluntary Sector Development Officer for the Police and Crime Commissioners, Gwent.

This is a brand new role and is brought about by collaboration between Torfaen Voluntary Alliance (TVA), the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and GAVO (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations).

Janine Reed, will work with Gwent’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s team to develop Third Sector organisations throughout Gwent, to allow the OPCC to commission services to meet the priorities of the Police and Crime Commission Plan.

  • To deliver the best quality services.
  • Prevent and reduce crime.
  • To take more effective action to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Protect people from serious harm.
  • To make the best use of resources and providing value for money.

This is worth £100,000 to the sector. Some of the themes of his plan are as follows:

  • Community safety – inclusive of domestic abuse, restorative justice, substance misuse awareness
  • Antisocial Behaviour prevention – diversionary interventions and support for offenders
  • Crime prevention – awareness raising and advice
  • Victims – victim hub & support services / Safeguarding – protecting vulnerable people / hatecrime
  • Rehabilitation – support to perpetrators of crime and ASB to reduce reoffending – can include substance abuse (alcohol and drugs), misuse, training etc

Janine is keen to work with Public Sector bodies throughout Gwent who are wishing to commission Third Sector organisations to meet their statutory obligations by developing Consortia (partnerships) to meet their needs.

Another part of Janine’s role is to work with the OPCC to ensure Third Sector organisations tap into any funds being administered by themselves such as Commissioner’s Partnership Fund http://goo.gl/YsX6kA – again, this is worth roughly £150,000 each year to the sector.

The project is based at GAVO (Newport), but Janine will spend one day a week at both TVA’s base in Pontypool and the Police and Crime Commissioners headquarters at Croesyceiliog.

Janine has previously worked as GAVO’s Social Enterprise Officer developing enterprises throughout Caerphilly. She has also worked for Groundwork Wales developing environmental projects with community members, and has an MSc in Project Management and a BSc (Hons) in Business Logistics from the University of South Wales.

If you are a Third Sector organisation who would be interested in finding out more about opportunities to provide your services with the OPCC to meet the needs of the Police and Crime Plan, or could benefit from the Commissioners Partnership Fund or from the Public Sector wishing to develop services with the Third Sector – please contact her on 01633 247670 or Janine.reed@gavowales.org.uk

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